About us

Gruppo Antonini is an established industrial entity, that has seen a major rationalization of its operational resources as a result of corporate merging of its companies: Baia di Pertusola S.r.l., Nuova Oma S.r.l., Nuova Olmec S.r.l. and Nuova Oma Congo.

Gruppo Antonini always sets new challenges in areas that historically have seen it to stand out: oil & gas, large steel structures, industrial plant and pressure vessel manufacturing, maintenance of complex installations with particular reference to those for the production and treatment of hydrocarbons.

In order to meet market challenges, it has focused on its own staff competence and the flexibility of production facilities, ready to implement the various requirements of the several international Customers.

Nevertheless Gruppo Antonini is always looking out for new business opportunities in emerging markets, in order to stand out as a landmark, even in new fields.