Offshore transports

Gruppo Antonini avails on two barges to transport manufactured products to the offshore installation site, being thus able to assure the Customer with satisfaction of estimated time and cost for the “sea” delivery.

These sea transport means are available also for rent. Below their specifications.

Submersible Barge CLAUDIO 1

Class RINA 100 A - 1.1 NAV I.L. Ch
Length:      72.00 m
Width:        25.33 m
Height:         4.30 m
Deck loading capacity:  10 T/m2
Max. load capacity:      4,100 T


Class RINA 100 A - 1.1 NAV I.L. Ch
Length:      40.00 m
Width:        10.00 m
Height:         2.00 m
Max. load capacity:      400 T

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